Ekosos and EASY are specifying last details for the final event.

Daniel Tito (Advisory Manager) and Estel Guillaumes(Project Manager) as organizers in charge of the VirCoin2SME final event, have managed the different issues and coordination for this International Workshop in Virtual and Complementary Currencies. This event aims to disseminate some of the research outputs regarding virtual and complementary currencies studies in terms of barriers and possible solutions to overcome towards sustainability and new proposals applicable for the Healthcare and Tourism sector as well as to create a bridge for open discussion of these contributions between the VirCoin2SME researchers and delegates, different experts in the CC field as Jem Bendel, Rolf Schroeder, Andreu Honzawa, other experts in the helthcare and tourism sector and the public in general.

A completed agenda has been created in order to promote this event for discussion about the project´ results to be held on November 15th, 2016. Entrance is free, however it is recommende to save a place getting registered in the following link:


VirCoin2SME consortium hopes that you will enjoy this international workshop in complementary and virtual currencies !!!