Secondment of Peter Pharow from Fraunhofer IDMT to UNAB

Dr. Peter Pharow, Director of the Business Unit “Human-centered Media Technologies” of Fraunhofer IDMT, made his research stay by the European Vircoin2SME Project, from 1 to 30 September 2016, at the “Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga UNAB”, Faculty of Economics, Management and Accounting.

His activities were focused on the articulation of the Project goals with the needs of the real world in the sense of design and use social, complementary and/or virtual currencies to strengthen SMEs in the sectors of health and tourism.
Based on the experience of his area of knowledge such as the solutions focused on the needs of users, he has proposed the use of virtual currencies as a means to motivate people to carry out actions that improve their quality of life in terms of healthcare and strengthening local economies through the promotion of authentic tourism.
The following photographic record features some moments of his passage through the UNAB.

From left to right: Diana Milena Santiago, researcher of Universitat de Girona Spain supporting the Vircoin2SME Project; Jorge Raúl Serrano, Dean of the Economics, Management and Accounting Faculty; Peter Pharow, Researcher of Fraunhofer IDMT; Clara Inés Peña, Main Researcher of the Vircoin2SME Project at UNAB and Titular Professor; Diana Virginia Oliveros, Titular Professor and Director of the GENIO Research Group; Gloria Clotilde Oviedo, Auxiliar Professor and Director of the Cultural Heritage Research Line; Eduardo Carrillo, Titular Professor and Researcher and Director of the Research Center “Dinámica” ; Edgar Mauricio Mendoza, Titular Professor and Director of the Business Administration Program.