WORKSHOP Complementary Currencies Vircoin2SME

Date 15/11
Location: Sala d'actes Escola Politècnica Universitat de Girona
c/ Maria Aurèlia Capmany, 61 - Girona


"VirCoin2SME: the 2nd InternationalWorkshop in Virtual and Complementary Currencies" is comprised by the consortium members of VirCoin2SME (A Horizon 2020 European Comission` project): Universitat de Girona UdG (Spain), Fraunhofer Institute for Digital & Media Technology (Germany), RES System (Belguim), EassyInnova (Spain), Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga UNAB (Colombia) and Estrategias Sostenibles EKOSOS (Ecuador).
The workshop will be held in English within a multidisciplinary scheme which includes: Keynote lectures, scientific and empirical perspectives, use cases analysis, networking short-session and open forums. Several topics in terms of social and complementary currencies will be considered, emphasizing the interest to continue delving on the analysis and proposals regarding to social and complementary currency within a virtual approach.

AGENDA - WELCOME Complementary Currencies VirCoin2SME (9/10:30h)

Pep Lluís de la Rosa (TECNIO Centre Easy & Smart Cities Master UdG)
Welcome and presentation of the Vircoin2SME project: Horizon 2020, Partners, General Objectives of the project, Impacts.

Plenary by Jem Bendell (Innovation and Sustainability) 

Social innovation and sustainable development through Virtual and Complementary Currencies (CC State of the Art overview / Blockchain challenges).
Dr. Jem Bendell
is a Professor of Sustainability Leadership and Founder of the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) at the University of Cumbria, UK).

Complementary Currencies in Smart Cities

Complementary currencies applied to innovation and sustainable development for Healthcare and Tourism Sectors by:
Pep Lluís de la Rosa (TECNIO Centre Easy & Smart Cities Master UdG), Ruthy Acosta (the Growth Health Director is also the Director of the International Unit at the Research Center in Fetal and Perinatal Medicine, Fetal I+ D, Hospital Clinic-University of Barcelona) and Milena Santiago (researcher of the Universitat de Girona).  

COFFE BREAK (10:30/11h)

Complementary Currencies VirCoin2SME ROUND TABLE 1 BARRIERS & POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS (11/ 12:00h)

Rolf Schroeder
Independent research about complementary currencies since the 1980s; various publications since 1992. Professional Background in Banking and Reinsurance. General Editor of the “Bibliography of Community Currency Research” – www.cc-literature.de and member of the management committee of RAMICS, the “Research Association on Monetary Innovation and Community and Complementary Currency Systems” (www.ramics.org).
* Emotional Barriers
Martina Lucht and Peter Pharow
(Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT).
* Management Barriers
Daniel Tito (Advisory Manager of Estrategias Sostenibles Ekosos)
Walther Smets (founder and managing director of RES)
* Environment and other Technological Barriers
Clara Inés Peña de Carrillo (Professor of Smart Cities subjects, Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga)    

Complementary Currencies VirCoin2SME ROUND TABLE 2 THE GUIDELINES & PROPOSALS (12:00/ 13:00h)

Andreu Honzawa
Andreu is a political scientist, with specialization in public and social policy. Over the last 4 years he has been collaborating with the Social Trade Organisation (Netherlands) and Ubiquat Technologies (Catalonia) on the implementation of a local currency in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona). Based on the historic case of Wörgl, the city council will channel public expenditure in a digital, Euro-backed local currency based on Cyclos software. He also works in the promotion of the Commercial Credit Circuit (C3) and other models aiming local economic promotion.
* Guideline 2 Business Models (Opened Model / Healthcare point system)
Javier Felix (Project’s responsible in Estrategias Sostenibles, Ekosos)
Daniel Tito (Advisory Manager of Estrategias Sostenibles Ekosos)
* VCC model: presentation of Eurakos.NEXT & use case
Paulo Carrillo (researcher of the Universitat de Girona, Vircoin2sme project)

Complementary Currencies VirCoin2SME

Final remarks / take away notes.
Pep Lluís de la Rosa (TECNIO Centre Easy & Smart Cities Master UdG)