As part of the training activities, Daniel attended to 2nd EMES Polanyi Seminar in Paris on May 19th & 20th. This seminar entitled “Societies in Transition - Social and solidarity economy, the commons, public action and livelihood” was a very valuable experience with regards on the objectives of getting new knowledge, information and use cases related to new trends, studies and projects focused on the "Third Sector" as well as the opportunity of interacting with some keynote speakers and academics in the Complementary Currency field to shift ideas looking forward on the Vircoin2SME workshop (A dissemination event of the project to be held in Universitat de Girona on November 15th, 2016).

2nd EMES Polanyi Seminar, Paris, May 19th - 20th, 2016

Daniel took part in a summer course related to change leadership in action held in University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Economics) during July. The ultimate goal of this program was focused in the acquisition of new knowledge and best practices regarding the application of tools in strategic analysis as well as developing a framework that could help to address and solve identified problems or new challenges based on communication skills and innovative alternatives. This was a great opportunity of learning within a cultural diversity and looking forward to contributing some project improvements during the last phase of his secondment to UdG.

Change Leadership in action course, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, July, 2016


Since mid-May, Daniel has been working in different activities assigned as part of the support between ESE and UdG including: review of the Data Protection Policy and its addendums , collaboration with some inputs of two Complementary Currency models analysis for an article to be uploaded in the IMS (Institute of Social Money) web page late in November this year, other on-going activities related to the project and pending issues that are being completed in order to achieve the objectives of this secondment to UdG.

Daniel Tito Moscoso, Josep Lluís de la Rosa E. (ESE secondment to UdG)

As part of the impacts that have been carried out for the Vircoin2SME project, Daniel compiled a proposal in cooperation with some other consortium members looking for new joint possibilities between ESE - Easy Innova in the implementation of a virtual currency which aim is related to revitalizing the local economy in the province of Manta, Ecuador . This proposal was already presented to the MAEC-AECID (Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) on June 29th, 2016.