July 2016

The researcher Milena Santiago, from UdG, concluded her stay in Quito, Ecuador. Milena stayed from May to July in Ekosos, for two months.

During the two months that Milena was in Ecuador, Peter Hofmann from IDMT did his secondment as well for 20 days. Together they worked in the approach of two proposals integrating the five previously raised, with the aim of having one model focusing on the health and health care sector and the other one on the tourism sector.

Javier Felix, Milena Santiago and Peter Hofmann

The work developed for Milena during her stay were focused on making a contribution advancing in the formers proposals for developing a business model based on the use of Complementary and/or Virtual Currencies in the tourism and healthcare sector by performing studies and data analysis as well as supported in the final business model proposals.

According to Milena, high value results were achieved:

“During my secondment in Ekosos important advances were made regarding the objectives of the VirCoin2SME project, as I had the opportunity to work “in situ” to get an understanding and a deep knowledge of the current situation of the community, the real necessities because some of these have changed in relation to those raised initially due to the destruction on some provinces in Ecuador caused by the earthquake on last April, as well being able to identity the barriers and friction on the application of Complementary and Virtual Currencies, and being able to redirect the proposals in the current Ecuadorian local context.”