Transfer of knowledge

VirCoin2SME aims at increasing European and international collaboration in research and innovation to foster competitiveness and entrepreneurship around the ecosystem of digital social innovation and complementary currencies

Digital Social Innovation

The creation of new online communities contribute to the use of virtual currencies by business and social development the use of virtual currencies.


Complementary Currencies

Used in online social networks as a new way of how communities emerge.


Virtual currency

According to the new trends of social networks, VirCoin2SME will contribute to research, develop and transfer studies for or social, community complementary and virtual currencies.


Developing business models

VirCoin2SME will contribute to develop sustainable business models based on the use of complementary and/or virtual currencies in two sectors: healthcare and tourism.


Exchange of Knowledge

The exchange of knowledge will be organised around 28 secondments. Experiences of the daily work of entities dealing with different and complementary business activities around community, social, complementary and virtual currencies will be exchanged.


Final Vircoin2SME Event and Consortium meeting

As it was announced by many chanels, last 15th November 2016 we held our international workshop to University of Girona, Spain, which was a full-day free event for diffusion in different topics regarding complementary and virtual currencies´ state of the art as well as the discussion of the studies carried on during this EC funded project throughout different activities.
After Dr.Josep LLuís de la Rosa Esteva introduction to the topic, Jem Bendel presented an interesting plenary about Bitcoin - rhetoric and reality related with Banglapesa experience which is a currency experiment that was recently launched on the Kenyan Coast and received a radically different reaction. The initiative by an NGO, Koru Kenya, in the informal settlement named Bangladesh in Mombasa intended to solve the problem of uneven and deficient levels of local demand. It got together 109 local business people into a network and issued them with credit in the form of a beautifully designed paper currency – the Bangla Pesa – with which they are able to trade in order to stabilise and stimulate local business whose capacity is otherwise under-utilised.

Furthermore Ruthy Acosta and Milena Santiago summarized the importance of virtual tecnologies in tourism and helth.

Finally round tables coordinated by Rolf Schroeder and Andreu Honzawa as experts invited the consortium and the assistents to parcipate in the main tòpics which was very interesting and productive as it marks the evaluation transfered to all of them.

During the afternoon, all consortium participants attended to the final consortium meeting which was an opportunity to assess the project’s effectiveness, outcomes and future steps. New and future collaborative relationships have arisen thanks to the Vircoin2SME project.

VirCoin2SME reports

Gotes (Drops): Crowd Relationship Management for Enhanced Utilities Services
Josep Lluis de la Rosa
EASY Innova TECNIO @ University of Girona
Abstract 1 — Water supply and services, and utilities in general, need to expand their services and business with their users and consumers, as well as they are committed to reduce the water and energy consumption. This concept note is about incentivizing a change of behavior in the domestic water consumption, and enhance their propension to collaborate and interact with the utilities companies to enlarge their Average Return Per User (ARPU). We propose a crowd relationship management channel where users exchange their ideas to reduce the amount of water that they use and we use a reward system to motivate them. Furthermore, the platform is able to show users their consumption and their improvements.

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Ekosos and EASY are specifying last details for the final event.

Daniel Tito (Advisory Manager) and Estel Guillaumes(Project Manager) as organizers in charge of the VirCoin2SME final event, have managed the different issues and coordination for this International Workshop in Virtual and Complementary Currencies. This event aims to disseminate some of the research outputs regarding virtual and complementary currencies studies in terms of barriers and possible solutions to overcome towards sustainability and new proposals applicable for the Healthcare and Tourism sector as well as to create a bridge for open discussion of these contributions between the VirCoin2SME researchers and delegates, different experts in the CC field as Jem Bendel, Rolf Schroeder, Andreu Honzawa, other experts in the helthcare and tourism sector and the public in general.

A completed agenda has been created in order to promote this event for discussion about the project´ results to be held on November 15th, 2016. Entrance is free, however it is recommende to save a place getting registered in the following link:

VirCoin2SME consortium hopes that you will enjoy this international workshop in complementary and virtual currencies !!!